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About Us

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” Charles Eames.

Lilla springs from the need to demolish the common perception of the elitist luxury, making the concepts of design and elegance democratic.

More than just speaking about fashion, we speak about a style and personality statement. Inside Lilla universe, different souls of those who love quality, style and uniqueness coexist.

A crossroads of style and trends in which everyone can find their own space since we consider important the individuality of each Customer that can feel free to experiment with new trends, discover research brands and also give play to their extravagance.

The only limit is not to set limits when searching for the right style because it is what represents us and is what we care about.  



Magazzini Firme is a tangible example of the union among Lilla differents interests: fashion, home-decor, gourmet experiences.

Magazzini Firme shops are not just simple shops, but they are also points of reference to explore the all-inclusive universe of style.

An avant-garde vision of concept stores that considers both fashion and home-decor design its greatest expression.

Everything is designed to accompany the Customer in a multi-sensorial experience made of colors, smells and flavors.

Thanks to the creativity of our designers, following the trends of pure London style becomes a reachable reality without the need to get a plane ticket to go there. The most feminine and rebellious side of Lilla S.p.a. is called London Look. It is more than just a brand, it is a travel companion with which it possible to explore the frenetic Oxford Street, the more rock Camden Town or the romantic Notting Hill. An adventure beyond the borders of fashion.  

Since its inception in 1975, Lilla S.p.a. has been looking to demolish every usual paradigm, trying to overcome itself both in terms of services and in terms of supply.

Past, present and future are not just three different moments of a fourty-year-long history, but three realities that meet each other in a single “place”: LILLA SHOP.

The e-commerce is the result of the deep knowledge acquired in recognizing excellence and style.

Fashion arrives in another dimension to allow everyone to access the surreal appeal of the fashion system.