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Returns and refunds

If for any reason the Customer is not satisfied with his purchase,

the unworn items can be returned asking for a replacement of the goods or for a fullrefund within 14 days from receipt of the cargo at customer’s expense equal to € 9,00

Before activating the return procedure, Customers should ensure that the items are in the same conditions in which they were received, including labels, packaging and original accessories (clothes covers, hangers, boxes, etc.).

Lilla S.p.a. reserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns or packages sent by different couriers than those indicated.

If the Customer decides to choose a different courier than that provided by Lilla S.p.a., the costs of the return and of any theft or loss will entirely be paid by the Customer.

The return conditions may vary in conjunction with specific promotions, if indicated in the newsletter.




  1.    To activate the return procedure, the Cutomer has to complete the online return form on within 14 days from receipt of the cargo. When the Customer completes the online form, the items to be returned and the desired compensation have to be specified: change of size/color or refund. Once the return request has been received, Lilla S.p.a. will send an e-mail to the Customer, confirming the activation of the procedure and the instructions to carry on with the return of the goods. Lilla S.p.a. will contact the courier to decide when the courier pick the goods up.
  2.    If the Customer decides to change the size or the color: it is possible to change the size or the color of the same item if it is in stock. It is not possible to change the item with a different article.
  3.    Return modality to received a refund: the refund will be visible on the Customer’s credit card statement after a maximum of 30 days from the day of the refund. This timing may vary depending on the bank circuit of the credit card used. It is possible to ask for a refund regarding the amount spent at the time of the purchase (for example, if the item was purchased during a promotional period, the amount reimbursed will be the one related to the promotional period and not to that of the price list). If the order was paid using the cash on delivery payment, Customers will have to specify their IBAN when they fill in the returns form and they will be reimbursed by bank transfer.
  4.    Items must be returned to the headquarters of Lilla S.p.a. within 10 days from receipt of the written confirmation of the activation of the return procedure sent by the company to the Customer.
  5.    The return must be made using express courier specified by Lilla S.p.a.
  6.      Lilla S.p.a. reserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns or to refuse cargo dispatched using different couriers than those indicated. If Customers decide to choose a different courier, they will pay the costs of any return and theft or loss entirely.


Each item has to be returned with all the original labels, packaging and original accessories (dustbags, hangers, clothes covers, boxes, etc.) received with the order.

All footwear and accessories must be returned together with their original box, which is considered an integral part of the product to all effects and it must not have been damaged and/or altered in any way, nor used as a single outer packaging.

If Customers receive faulty goods or there are some errors in the shipment carried out by Lilla S.p.a., they have to follow the instructions below.
Swimwear and underwear (bikini for example) must be tested on the personal underwear.

The return of such items will be refused and returned to the Customer in the event that the transparent label of hygienic protection was removed or in case the items show signs of use.

All returned items are checked by Lilla S.p.a. and they have to comply with all the parameters listed in the return procedure. Lilla S.p.a reserves the right to establish a charge equal to 10% of the value of the returned goods where the return does not comply with all terms and conditions provided for by its return policy.